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and Production Company

FadeUp Design Group plans and implements creative lighting solutions for events of all shapes and sizes.

Event Lighting for Commercial and Private Events

We offer event lighting for significant corporate events, live productions, concerts, arena and sporting events, art exhibitions, permanent uplighting, and smaller, more personal venues such as weddings.

Event Lighting for All Occasions

As Omaha’s Premier Event Lighting Company, we know great lighting has the power to transform any venue. It’s much more than aiming lights at a wall and choosing colors. FadeUp Design Group makes your event unique through careful planning, creative artistry, and years of experience.

Whether your event is in Omaha or elsewhere, we come to you, enhancing your space and décor with the latest technology and modern techniques.

If you’re an event planner, we highlight what’s important to you and your client, helping to beautify the space and décor.

Corporate Event Lighting

Wow Your Clients & Bring Your Vision to Pass

Event planners, let’s face it. Corporate events can be, well, a little too corporate. Event planners want to create a beautiful new world for organizations. Too often, though, they end up working with a space that requires a total overhaul. Even if the area is stunning, it may not perfectly suit every item you’ve chosen — or every request from your client.

Creative lighting allows event planners to take control of the space. Professional theatrical lights can transform how a room feels as well as the way it looks. It can highlight what’s important to you, help you set the room’s boundaries, and change the mood in an instant.

Architectural Lighting

Set Your Building Apart for Your Cause, Holiday or Event Illuminate Omaha with FadeUp Design Group

Omaha’s stunning architecture is more than just a collection of buildings; it’s a testament to our community’s spirit and creativity. These structures don’t just form our skyline—they shape our identity.

When the time comes to highlight these architectural gems—whether to set a mood, celebrate a holiday, champion a cause, or host a special event—FadeUp Design Group is your go-to partner.
Elevate Your Architecture with FadeUp

At FadeUp, we don’t just light up buildings; we create experiences. Our team transforms architecture instantly with professional, artistic lighting that goes beyond simply setting up lights and flipping a switch.

3D Modeling for Event Lighting

When we create a 3D model of your event, we start with the actual room you’ll be in. We can place every production element inside that virtual space, so you know what it will look like ahead of time.

Not only that, we can place virtual models of the exact lights we will use and show you how your event will come across. You’ll get a much clearer idea of how everything will look and feel. You’ll also be able to show decision-makers what to expect and get their feedback before it’s too late to make changes.

Lighting for Private Events

Elevate Your Private Event with Exceptional Lighting

At FadeUp Design Group, we transform private events into unforgettable experiences with expert lighting design. From celebrations to corporate gatherings, we create a unique ambiance tailored to your vision.

We start by understanding your aspirations, ensuring the lighting design reflects your style and purpose. Our options range from elegant uplighting to dynamic feature lighting, setting the perfect mood and highlighting key areas. Personalize your event with custom gobo projections, featuring your name, logo, or special message.

With experience working with artists like John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band, we bring professionalism and creativity to your event. We guide you through the selection process based on your budget and dreams, ensuring your event shines with precision and creativity.

Elevate your event with FadeUp Design Group and let us illuminate your special occasion.

Church Production Lighting

At FadeUp Design Group, we help ministries create one-of-a-kind experiences for their congregations and communities. We can help you with lighting production for:

We accomplish this through a partnership with you. We execute your vision, but also help you take it to the next level. We bring in up-to-the-minute technology and a constant stream of creative ideas for lighting effects, set design, and video.

We can also recommend and coordinate some of the finest production talents throughout Omaha.

Your Event Lighting Team

FadeUp Design Group is a lighting and production environment design firm. We have designed productions locally, nationally and internationally; concerts, corporate events, recorded television specials, live television events, life events and
much more.

Each client is unique and whether it’s a corporate venue or working with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry we continually hone our process and listen to our client’s initial vision to work with them and fully develop that vision into a reality.


At FDG, we have over 36 years of combined lighting experience, and leverage that design experience to maximize the use of the equipment needed to create a memorable and stunning production. Furthermore, we offer our expertise throughout the building phase to not only enhance our client’s goals, but also help them avoid costly mistakes. This is done by our professionals utilizing proven design methods customized for each environment we design for.


Our methodology and design experience also means that we are able to present clients with options that will give them the most value for their dollar. At FDG, we look at design through an artistic & realistic lens and our professionals will always tell our clients the best lighting and production direction to create their vision and keep their budget.


Our goal is always to exceed our clients vision and deliver a design that is more than they could have hoped for.

Our design methods are proven to help our clients understand the production choices they are making are the right ones for the look of the production. FDG’s unique methods also give our clients the flexibility to see and understand the production process and make decisions ahead of time which saves them money.


When searching for something elusive to take your event into a higher dimension call FadeUp Design Group.  We not only are the premiere lighting company in the Midwest but we also partner with the best in the region.  From audio / visual, production and planning we have the talent, specializing in their field of expertise, that will elevate your event.

We Create Memories


Our team will create a truly unique experience that immerses you in the moment. To learn more or request a quote please fill out the form and a team member will get back to you within one business day.