3D Modeling for Event Lighting

Visualize Perfection with FadeUp Design Group's 3D Rendering Services

Transforming Your Vision into Virtual Reality

Bring your Omaha events to life with AutoCAD™. When planning an event, conveying complex ideas through words alone can be challenging. With substantial budgets and intricate lighting, clear visualization is essential.

FadeUp Design Group’s 3D modeling services create detailed virtual environments of your event space. We place every production element and exact lighting fixture within this digital realm, allowing you to see a true-to-life preview of your event.

Experience the future of event planning with FadeUp Design Group’s 3D Rendering Services.


We’re innovators, striving to make each event look modern, beautiful and exciting.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep in constant communication with you, our client, so you know you’re always getting our very best.

Venue and Event Lighting Leader

No matter the occasion, the right venue lighting can make all the difference.

We’re Omaha’s Venue and Event Lighting Leader. We’d love to find out if we’re a good fit for you and your next event.


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Event lighting. Audio / Visual. LED Video Screens. Design and Planning.  You can count on us.