Architectural Lighting

Set Your Building Apart for Your Cause, Holiday or Event

Illuminate Omaha with FadeUp Design Group

Omaha’s stunning architecture is more than just a collection of buildings; it’s a testament to our community’s spirit and creativity. These structures don’t just form our skyline—they shape our identity.

When the time comes to highlight these architectural gems—whether to set a mood, celebrate a holiday, champion a cause, or host a special event—FadeUp Design Group is your go-to partner.

Elevate Your Architecture with FadeUp

At FadeUp, we don’t just light up buildings; we create experiences. Our team transforms architecture instantly with professional, artistic lighting that goes beyond simply setting up lights and flipping a switch.

The FadeUp Experience

Artistry in Light: We’re not just technicians; we’re artists who know how to make your building shine. Whether you need elegant simplicity or bold, custom gobos, projections, and lasers, our creative thinkers will take your vision and elevate it to new heights.

Technical Mastery: From towering skyscrapers to sprawling campuses, our expert team can handle projects of any scale. We design installations that can withstand the elements and shine bright, whether for a single night or several weeks.

Seamless Collaboration: We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with various subcontractors and utility companies. Our strong relationships ensure smooth project execution and exceptional results every time.

When you choose FadeUp Design Group, you’re not just getting a vendor—you’re partnering with professionals dedicated to delivering dazzling results that captivate and inspire.


We’re innovators, striving to make each event look modern, beautiful and exciting.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep in constant communication with you, our client, so you know you’re always getting our very best.

Venue and Event Lighting Leader

No matter the occasion, the right venue lighting can make all the difference.

We’re Omaha’s Venue and Event Lighting Leader. We’d love to find out if we’re a good fit for you and your next event.


At FadeUp Design Group we are the one company that has experts in every field you need.

Event lighting. Audio / Visual. LED Video Screens. Design and Planning.  You can count on us.