Wedding Lighting

Transform Your Wedding with FadeUp Design Group

Create an unforgettable environment for your ceremony or reception with expert lighting.

Transform Your Wedding with Light

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, deserving a setting that reflects your unique love story. While beautiful, venues can feel impersonal due to their frequent use by others. How do you make it truly yours and highlight your carefully chosen details like the cake, centerpieces, and your first dance?

Set Your Wedding Apart

FadeUp Design Group has the answer. Our creative lighting team listens to your dreams and ideas, getting to know you as a couple. We offer a variety of lights and effects to transform your venue. We can uplight walls to set the mood and add feature lighting to highlight what matters most to you.

We can even create custom gobos to project your names, logo, or a special message. With a wealth of ideas tailored to your budget and vision, we bring your unique story to light. Having worked with stars like John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band, we are ready to make your wedding shine.

Make your wedding a true reflection of your love with FadeUp Design Group.


We’re innovators, striving to make each event look modern, beautiful and exciting.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep in constant communication with you, our client, so you know you’re always getting our very best.

Venue and Event Lighting Leader

No matter the occasion, the right venue lighting can make all the difference.

We’re Omaha’s Venue and Event Lighting Leader. We’d love to find out if we’re a good fit for you and your next event.


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